June 1, 2012

Terra Firma Farm Strawberries: Berry Delicious!

A little shopping tip for today's post...yesterday I was at the Co-op and bought some gorgeous strawberries grown by my favorite local farm, Terra Firma Farm (TFF). They're selling for $2.89 a pound regular price, which I think is a great deal for seriously flavorful, high-quality, organic berries.

Look at that beautiful, deep red color!

Strawberries can be disappointing and I'm not a big fruit eater in general, so I don't usually eat strawberries plain, out of hand. I do like them in smoothies, jam and desserts, though. The strawberries I've seen lately at other grocery stores are shipped in from afar, packed in plastic boxes and lacking in color. I bought some a few weeks ago for the kids, but they weren't great and I wasn't even tempted to pop one in my mouth. The farmer's market has strawberries, but they're coming from either San Diego or the coast, they aren't organic, and they aren't cheap either.

But these Terra Firma strawberries...WOW! First of all, you can tell just by the look of them they're going to be fantastic. No white, mealy centers here. These berries are red to the core, with a melt-in-your-mouth texture. Having been a TFF CSA-box subscriber for years, I know how tasty their strawberries are in a good year. If any of you readers are current subscribers, then you know that TFF will add an extra six baskets to your normal veggie box for only 12 bucks. In our case, I'm going to buy a bunch more today at the Co-op.

Strawberries don't last more than a day or two when they're this ripe, so I'll put most of them in the freezer for smoothie making:

Freeze on trays first to avoid big, frozen masses of berries

One happy customer

And I'll make sure to get enough to make at least one batch of strawberry jam. We're down to the bottom of our last jar from last season.

That's all, folks!

Extreme heat can end our area's berry season quickly, and since we hit near-triple digit temperatures yesterday, I'd snap up those amazing strawberries while you can. They truly don't get any better than this!

Do you have a favorite local supplier for strawberries? Or, do you grow scrumptious strawberries on your own?

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