June 5, 2012

Politics on the Homestead, Literally

Today is Election Day here in Davis, and throughout the rest of California, too. Prior to becoming a full-time mom and urban farmer, I spent the greater part of my professional working life in nonpartisan voter education, so elections are very important to me for reasons beyond the fact that our elected officials will be making decisions that will impact the homestead.

First-ever lawn signs

Due to my often public role as a staff member of two strictly nonpartisan organizations, the California Voter Foundation and Project Vote Smart, I decided in 1995 that I would not publicly support any national, state or even local candidate while representing those organizations. That included donations, which are a matter of public record.

So, it's somewhat of a milestone for me to have asked two Davis City Council candidates to plant campaign signs on my lawn, literally bringing politics onto the homestead for the first time in my life. But that's what I did last month, because I feel strongly about the candidates and care enough about the future of our city that I felt compelled to publicize my support.

I have to say, I love rounding the corner on my bike and seeing those signs! Of course, I do hope they might cause neighbors who are still undecided to take another look at the candidates I'm supporting, but even if that doesn't happen, perhaps they will get someone who wasn't otherwise engaged in the process to simply think about the election and maybe go out and vote. If that's the case, then I'll consider the lawn signs a huge success.

There are lots of important issues facing our city and region in the coming years, many of which will directly impact the urban homestead, such as: waste diversion through composting and recycling; water quality, cost and conservation; energy delivery options; and green spaces and parks in the city. There are differences among the candidates on these and other issues, and your vote matters! The polls don't close until 8pm tonight, and if you need any last-minute information before you cast your ballot, try the following:

So...have you voted yet today??

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