June 15, 2012

Green Radicchio?

Unless I'm totally losing it, the green plant pictured below is a variety of radicchio called Palla Rossa Special that I purchased from Territorial Seed Company in January, seeded in the greenhouse in February, and transplanted into my raised beds in early March. Radicchio...you know, the slightly bitter, European "green" that makes a fine addition to salad and is red, not green.

Radicchio, I think

I'm having a hard time imagining how that full, green plant which seems fairly close to maturity (and if the maturity date on the seed packet is any indication, should be mere days from harvest time) will shortly turn into this...

(Photo courtesy Territorial Seed)

Given the color, I started to wonder if I planted it at the wrong time of year, but I checked the Territorial website and it says this variety is "unique, as it can be planted for both summer and fall harvest."

So, I'm going to be patient and trust that this is just another one of those plants that does not at all conform to the stated growing length, and keep my fingers crossed that it will magically transform into a tight, burgundy-colored head in the next few weeks.

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