June 12, 2012

Corn at Four Weeks

It's shocking to me how quickly corn grows. Living in Davis, I watch corn in the fields on the edges of town shoot up from nothing to six feet seemingly overnight.

"Honey & Cream" corn plants

This is the first year I've had it in my own garden, and even though I was aware it grew quickly, just how fast is still a surprise.

Corn plants on May 10th, dwarfed by the lettuce at the back

Same corn exactly one month later

We haven't grown corn in the past because you have to put in at least four rows in order to get enough wind pollination to produce ears, and I never felt like there was enough room for that. (Fewer rows can result in no ears at all, fewer ears, or ears with half the kernels undeveloped.) So I have nothing to compare this year's growth to, in terms of my own gardening experience.

5-6 foot long rows

I'm curious what other people think about this corn growth, because while it seems like the right height to me, Mr. English says it seems shorter than it should be at this stage.

Either way, I have my fingers crossed this experiment will work and we'll get baskets full of fresh corn this year, since they say there's nothing sweeter than an ear picked fresh from the plant and plopped immediately into a pot of boiling water.

Are you growing corn this year?


  1. I am apparently, there is a stalk growing in our front yard under our fruitless mulberry tree. Bird planted no doubt!

    1. How funny--and that's pretty shady under there, isn't it?

  2. We have planted corn for the past three years with varying success. This year we did a pretty large plot of corn planted in blocks of 4 and rows of 10'. In between we planted winter squash and dry beans. We will see what happens. So far, all the plants seem to be doing well except the beans. Maybe they just need some cooler weather to get going.