May 31, 2012

Tea Time

I love to make sun tea, and the kids and I love to drink it. On ice, it's a perfect refresher when they come home from school--so much better than soda or sugar-sweetened juice.

Water + tea bag + sun = sun tea

Especially on a day like today, when the forecast is calling for nearly 100 degrees (hello, summer!), it's so simple to brew. Fill a glass container with fresh water, drop in one or two of your favorite tea bags (or fresh herbs?) and place in a sunny spot. In just an hour you'll have a beautiful pitcher full of tasty tea. On cooler days, set your jar on the cement or try putting a reflective auto shade behind the jar to increase the heat.

We like to experiment with types and flavors; Good Earth Original is the current favorite. If straight tea isn't your thing, mix the finished product with lemonade for something a little different.

Tea is ready after a couple of hours in the hot sun

Yes, I realize these days you can just buy a packet of Lipton's so-called "Sun Tea" at the store, mix it with cold water and ice, and--voilà--instant iced tea! They even have different flavors like Caramel (that sounds yucky) and Zesty Lemon and Lime.


I'm not going to knock it if the Lipton alternative is convenient for you, but there's something about doing it the old-fashioned way that I find satisfying.

Refreshing glass of iced tea

 Drink up!


  1. Do your kids drink it unsweetened? How do you sweeten it?

  2. Unsweetened, but the teabag we're starting with already has a sweet and spicy flavor. Kids like it as is. I like it even better mixed with lemonade (which is half sugar, or course.) You could try sweetening with honey, too.