June 8, 2012

The Season's First Tomato!

I haven't eaten a fresh tomato since the end of tomato season last year, so I'm jumping up and down in celebration of these first ripe cherry tomatoes in our garden.

Super Sweet 100

(Apologies to anyone whose tomato plants are still under a cloche or whose night temps are still dropping below 50--I promise I'm not trying to incite jealousy, just excited about these t'maters!)

Because tomato season lasts so long around here, and because a fresh garden tomato is so much tastier than what can be found at the grocery store, we simply don't buy them from November to May. We eat tons of them during winter and spring in the form of pizza and spaghetti sauce, just not fresh.

This year, the ripening of the first fruit coincided with the kids' first day of summer, so the ripe cherry tomato is a true sign that summer is here for us. Looking forward to more of both!

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  1. We got our first little cherry tomato yesterday along with a few ground cherries. Jen and I shared the tomato and Mason ate the ground cherries. I LOVE SUMMER!