May 23, 2012

Blooms for the Bees (and Me)

After all those horrible Black Widow photos yesterday, I figured you might like to see something nice and pretty today. (Click on the pictures for larger versions.)


How about a tour of the gorgeous flowers in bloom in the yard this month? Sometimes I get so caught up in food productivity, I forget to plant beautiful things just for the bees or just for gazing. Fortunately, Mr. English likes to photograph flowers and therefore he makes sure to plant them, so there are always lots of lovely blossoms to enjoy.

California Poppy

Bee visiting a Pomegranate tree flower

Joseph's Coat climbing rose

Santa Barbara daisies, Miscanthus & red roses

Echeveria (aka "Hens and Chicks")

"Hens and Chicks" and a spider

Don't forget to pick up some pretty plants for your garden (and for the bees), too!

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