July 13, 2012

Organic Corn to Help End World Hunger

Since April, I've been working with a group of people at my church--Davis Community Church in downtown Davis (DCC)--to grow a quarter acre of organic, sweet corn on a field outside Knight's Landing.

Our corn near Knight's Landing

We're growing the corn as a fundraiser to help end world hunger, and proceeds will be donated to the Colombia-Chocó project of the Foods Resource Bank (FRB). The Foods Resource Bank emphasizes agriculture as the foundation for alleviating poverty and hunger, as opposed to emergency food aid, and has programs in 30 countries. The Colombia-Chocó project is one of those programs and is helping communities re-establish agricultural practices and local food production in an area of Colombia that has been torn apart by the illicit drug trade.

DCC's Corn Project is the brainchild of Fritz Durst, a member of the church and a Yolo County farmer whose family has been farming in this region for many generations. Fritz knew about FRB's model of engaging volunteers in the United States in order to fund agricultural education and food production in the poorest areas of the world, and he was inspired to create a growing project here. Fritz has provided the vision and leadership for our project, which has been made possible by the helping hands of many DCC volunteers from Davis and the surrounding areas.

Angela Boss of FRB and farmer Fritz Durst

DCC volunteers planting the field by hand in April

For me, this growing project has provided the opportunity to use my time and energy to contribute to the very worthy cause of helping establish food security for others around the world. It's also given me the chance to work with a "real" farmer and experience "real" farming up close. Charlie got to come, too, and get his hands dirty in the Yolo soil. We've both learned a lot about corn in just a few months!

Charlie & I on planting day

Charlie getting a ride in Farmer Fritz's tractor

So maybe you're wondering if there's a way you can help, too. Yes, there is! The corn is ready and will be picked Saturday morning and sold Sunday morning on the patio outside Davis Community Church, across from Central Park in Davis. All are welcome to come buy some corn--no need to be affiliated with the church--and there will be plenty of ears for all! So grab a friend, come on by and pick up a couple of bags for yourself, your freezer, your neighbors, etc., and support a good cause in the process. Bring a cloth or brown bag with you, to help reduce project costs.

Here are the details:

WHAT:  Organic Sweet Corn Fundraiser

WHEN:  Sunday, July 15, 10am - 12pm

WHERE:  "C" Street Patio of Davis Community Church, 412 C Street, between 4th and 5th Streets

WHY:  To raise money for the Colombia-Chocó project of the Foods Resource Bank.

COST:  Corn will be offered on a donation basis. Pay what you can, whether it's one cent or $100-- whatever you can afford and wish to donate to the project.

See you there!

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  1. Art of San DiegoJuly 15, 2012 at 5:22 PM

    CONGRATULATIONS on a successful harvest and sale!